Hi-Fi-Hi connects everything music & media. It smartConnects all your devices, all your music, all your friends,
and your favorite music services like Spotify and YouTube.


Hi-fi-hi’s radioSync  connects you to music playing on the radio, offering lyrics, video, karaoke and music games in perfect sync.
It transforms “old school” radio listening into a new interactive world of immersive media experiences.
radioSync enables any internet connected smartphone to listen to the sound around it, identify the music and radio station,
and sync a myriad of immersive and interactive media possibilities to exact moments in the music or ad content as it plays.
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Many functions of the smartConnect radioSync represent a substantial increase in advertising dollars and opportunities to associate and license content with brands. It enables communication, broadcast and entertainment operators to buildout their stack of services and opens new avenues for connecting listeners with brands, artists, publishers, and advertisers.

radioSync merges and advances over-the-air broadcast and Internet delivered digital media with groundbreaking cognitive digital media technologies that deliver immersive, interactive beaming experiences to listeners in real-time while gathering and distributing valuable user statistics and analytics instantly and reliably.
Get your radio high with Hi-Fi-Hi
Hi-Fi-Hi’s radioSync immerses radio (and simulcast Internet streaming) listeners with full fidelity sound and and endless media experiences to enjoy and interact with broadcasted content.

It transforms “old school” listening into a “new world” of immersive media experiences without any integration required on the broadcast side.

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