Instant Music Connect

Hi-Fi-Hi works like a “Facebook, Google, Shazam and SnapChat” for music & media all one app, instantly searching and retrieving music & media from the internet and from friends’ music collections. It lets you listen in full fidelity, watch and play on all your devices throughout the house or across the world like a “Sonos and AmpMe”, all in one simple app!
​​Hi-Fi-Hi instantly browses different types of music and media services available over the Internet with a “single tap” or by using voice activated search. Listen to what’s new from major record labels like Warner, Sony and Universal and share with your friends, anywhere.

Hi-Fi-Hi lets you click on different music sources (like Spotify, YouTube, your favourite radio station) and it will do the rest, magically creating personal playlists from your friends’ hip-hop collection, your dad’s classical music library, favourite radio station, and music video from YouTube into a listening experience you enjoy every step of the way ... and can share with friends and family, at the same time, anywhere!
Hi-Fi-Hi - A Touch of Genius
Hi-Fi-Hi gives your smartphone a touch of genius, effortlessly searching through mountains of music, video, live radio broadcasts, Internet podcasts, on demand programming, and streaming and download services, instantly connecting you to the exact moment you want to hear or watch, by yourself or with friends, all in perfect sync.


Beams all your media with or without Wi-Fi
Lowers your data bandwidth costs

The simple app that does it all

Immersive Beaming
It’s all made possible through “Cognitive DynamicMedia Cloud” technology from General Harmonics . Sophisticated algorithms analyze music as it plays, generating a complex map of sonic relationships within the audio which enables a substantial reduction in the data set required to transfer and reproduce a full fidelity listening experience, while meticulously synchronizing different types of media over independent networks. Music, video, games, music performances, voice and text data distributed all over the Internet can now be fluidly linked and instantly burst to mobile phones and devices, creating new, user-driven, immersive experiences on demand. Chaos processing, artificial intelligence, deep learning and Big Data analytics all come together to offer new capabilities while continually improving user experiences and metrics. Contact us to learn more about advancing your media with smartConnect capabilities and social real-time engagement.

* Immersive beaming (or immersive data beaming) - is an exact digital copy of an audio signal (live radio or linear Internet streaming or download), which has undergone GH proprietary cognitive Media processing. This enables the new encoded “copy” to be identifiable, and also enable individual content components to be searchable without decoding the content, thus transforming the user's “linear” listening into "immersive experiences" with an advanced array of user-driven, broadcaster permitted, smartFunctions, presented with the audio signal, coherently and in real-time.